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Jewelry Care

Caring for sterling silver jewelry: Sterling silver will oxidize and tarnish over time. Storing each piece of jewelry in a plastic bag will protect the jewelry and prevent tarnishing. In case of discoloration on pieces made entirely of sterling silver, soap and water can be used with a small brush to remove tarnish. A polishing cloth may be used, on shiny surfaces. Do not use polishing cloth on matte surfaces. 

Caring for colored jewelry: Much of our colored jewelry is created by applying layers of acrylic paint on metal surfaces. It is suggested that you remove this jewelry before showering or before swimming. Contact with water may damage the piece over time. Do not clean these pieces with the use of water or any liquid polish. Small silver surfaces can be cleaned with a polishing cloth, taking care not to buff colored areas. 

Caring for blackened metal jewelry: Each piece of oxidized (or blackened) copper or sterling jewelry is patinaed with great care in our studio. Do not buff or polish these surfaces as it will damage and often discolor the surface. If jewelry is bi-metal, or containing both oxidized and polished surfaces, the polished surfaces may be buffed carefully with a polishing cloth. 

If you have questions on how to care for your particular piece we would be glad to help! Send us an email at