Our textiles are consciously made for your intentional life.

We are passionate about designing beautiful, heirloom pieces that elevate your home and mood. Our aim is to do so in a way that benefits both people and planet. At Chelsea Fay, the choices we make prioritize environmental and social responsibility. From raw material, through production, and all the way until it arrives on your doorstep, we make small decisions that we hope will have a positive impact. We are always searching for new ways to make a product that you can feel good about!

100% Natural fibers

We use only natural fibers like linen and cotton, and use organic fibers whenever possible.
Flax (the fiber used to make linen) and organic cotton crops have a lower impact on the land and require less water to grow, when compared to other natural and man-made fibers. They are grown using less harmful pesticides, it is healthier for the land, the water supply, and for us! Synthetic fibers like polyester are made from polluting materials, and leech microplastics into our water supply, which is why we never use them. 

Digitally Printed / Low Impact Dye

Our products are digitally printed or dyed with low impact, AZO free dye.
Digitally printing our fabrics helps to conserve water and limit water system contamination. While traditional screen printing uses 200 liters of water per 5 yards of fabric, digital printing uses less than a thimble.

Using low impact AZO free dyes, we are also able to limit the amount of dangerous chemicals traditionally used in creating color, which protects workers and keeps water supplies clean.

Ethically Manufactured

All of our products are designed and sewn in Upstate NY.
Our stance on manufacturing is simple: we only do business with good people that we know and trust. When possible, we always choose to partner with companies and people whose values match our own, in order to maintain a transparent and ethical supply chain.

Sustainable Packaging

We ship our products using 100% recycled poly mailers.
When compared to paper, virgin plastic, or compostable bioplastic, our poly mailers are produced with the lowest carbon footprint.

Each mailer comes with two tear strips, enabling you to re-use your packaging for future shipments. All mailers can be recycled in ‘thin film recycling’ facilities. If you do not have access to these facilities in your area, you can also take advantage of our partner’s take back service found here.